The Aeropress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie throwing ring. Alan’s goal was to design a brewer ideal for making a single cup of coffee. He was frustrated that he had to make 6-8 cups in his filter machine as they don’t work well for less than the full amount they were designed for. The Aeropress became a hit when coffee fans realised the range of techniques they could use it for. His unique design combines the full body you get from steeping the grounds with the clean mouthfeel from a paper filter.

The instructions that come with the Aeropress aren’t widely regarded as a good starting point. Below you’ll find a method that combines a number of simple techniques more commonly used among experts. It involves setting the aeropress upside down (inverted)–be careful as this is less stable and easier to spill hot water.

Good Aeropress Method

  1. Rinse the paper filter in it’s holder to remove paper flavour
    Rinse filter
  2. Set the aeropress in the inverted position on the scales
    Invert Aeropress
  3. Grind 17g at medium-coarse setting and add to the aeropress
    Grind coffee
  4. Pour in 40g of water at 80°C
    Pour water
  5. Stir and leave to bloom for 40 seconds
    Bloom for 40 seconds
  6. Top up remaining space with 230g water
    Top up with water
  7. Turn onto a mug and press gently stopping before it hisses
    Press Aeropress