Roasters source green coffee and through a carefully controlled process of heating and cooling turn them into coffee beans. Those beans are at their best a few days after they’re roasted so buying them fresh is really important. To help you find fresh roasted coffee we’ve compiled a list of Roasters we know of in the UK and Ireland.

Coffee Roasters (UK & Ireland)

  • 200 Degrees Coffee

    200 Degrees Coffee Roasters are artisan, small batch, hand roasters based in the heart of Nottingham.

  • 3FE Coffee

    If you really love coffee, then you'll probably find that 3FE was built just for you. 7.30-5.30 Mon-Fri, 9-6 Weekends

  • 80 Stone Coffee Roasters

    80 Stone Coffee Roasters was founded by two great friends that have 20 years combined expertise in the coffee industry. During those years they have greatly expanded their knowledge which includes coffee roasting, barista training, cupping, and espresso machine engineering. They also own the Chairs and Coffee specialty coffee shop in London

  • 918 Coffee

    A family run artisan coffee business in Dorset dedicated to developing, distributing and making fine coffees from around the world.

  • 92 Degrees Coffee

    Coffee shop and roastery - more than caffeine.

  • Adams & Russell

    Adams & Russell suppliers of freshly roasted coffee available as beans or ground delivering anywhere in the UK

  • Alchemy Coffee

    South London speciality roasters. Café in City of London @alchemycafes. Tasty blends & Single Orgins. Selling & servicing La Marzocco, Mazzer, Compak, Rocket

  • Allpress Espresso UK

    Specialty coffee roaster and cafe on Redchurch St, Shoreditch.

  • Amid Giants & Idols

    Independent coffee house and micro-roaster, serving speciality coffee

  • Ancoats Coffee Co.

    Artisan Roastery. Small-Batch, Hand Roasted Specialty Coffees. Sourced Sustainably, Ethically & In Season.

  • Anvil Coffee

    ANVIL strives extremely hard to source the very finest coffee beans from around the world and roast them as either a single origin, or as a blend if this suits the beans better, bringing the amazingly diverse tastes of coffee to the you, the passionate coffee consumer

  • Ariosa coffee

    Coffee roaster located high up in the hills of couny Meath. We do really good coffee and i tend to dance around the roastery alot .

  • Aroma Tea & Coffee

    Aroma Tea & Coffee Merchants. A Passion for roasting to order ethical origin coffee for over 30 years. The Mrs's blends a mean cuppa of Tea too!

  • Artisan Roast

    Artisan Roast, Edinburgh are an award winning Scottish gourmet coffee roastery with three cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their coffees have been used in the world brewers cup, and their baristas regularly place as the top Scottish barista in the UK barista championships. Artisan Roasts coffees are carefully sourced either directly with growers or with long term supply chain partners and their goal is to find unique, quality focused and vibrant tasting micro-lots.

  • Badger & Dodo

    Australian, Micro Coffee Roaster, est 2008.

  • Bailies Coffee

    We roast delicious coffee for people who love delicious coffee.

  • Balance Coffee

    Speciality Coffee, Roasted in London.

  • Baobab Coffee Roasters

    We're two boys from Kenya and we've created our own micro roast works in Celbridge, Ireland. Specialty and Single Origin coffees is what we love. We are focused on sourcing the finest single origin and specialty coffees from around the world. We roast our coffee with the best equipment available, with the knowledge and experience that we have and with love for what we do. What makes this all worth our while? The delight we get when you've tasted our coffee and realise that yes, coffee can taste this good

  • Bean Brothers

    We are an artisan coffee roaster based in the great West Riding town of Huddersfield. We believe in small batch coffee roasting to ensure quality control and to offer our customers the opportunity to choose the roast that they want for their coffee.

  • Bean Miles

    The search for perfection is on; ethically sourced arabica beans are hand roasted to order and shipped direct to guarantee freshness, aroma and flavour. We offer not just great artisan coffee but intense moments of pleasure in every cup. So if you have bean miles for a good cup of coffee then travel no further - you have reached your destination.

  • Bean Shot Coffee

    We are an artisan coffee roaster in the heart of Somerset roasting coffee from around the world. Drop by and try our coffee; you'll love them!

  • Bean Smitten

    Micro coffee roaster on Kent and East Sussex border. Opening summer 2014.

  • Beanberry Coffee Company

    Roasters of finest organic Arabica coffees - all carefully sourced, meticulously profiled and roasted on demand to deliver uncompromising purity and freshness.

  • beandreaming

    Chris and Gaynor Love coffee. Freshly roasted. In Shrewsbury.

  • Beanheroes

    Making amazing coffee is only part of what we do we are an innovative company that seeks to improve coffee quality in numerous ways and aims to engage you like never before by involving you in funding and following our heroes in achieving goals that benefit the wider society. Our company works on a voting scheme allowing our customers to channel the proportion of their funds into the projects they care about the most. It's not charity we directly fund these projects so the 20% we give away goes direct to your chosen project.

  • Beans and Leaves

    Freshly ground coffee and coffee-beans & speciality teas. Sold via website and at Farmers Markets throughout the Midlands. Based in Wolverhampton

  • Beanworks

    We must be a little bit fanatical (about coffee that is). We work in a Roastery that’s way too hot in summer and chilly in winter. But we do it because we love it. We carefully source, roast and taste our coffees before packing them up and sending them to coffee shops, hotels and restaurants all over the UK. We roast our coffee on a vintage Italian drum roasting machine to which we added a few contemporary features to help us precisely control every stage of the process. Modern artisan coffee roasters

  • Bell Lane Coffee

    Artisan Coffee Roasters who love what we do.

  • Bewley's Ireland

    Coffee experts. Tea addicts. Hot chocolate pushers. Oh and we love cakes too. Proud supporters of Fairtrade.

  • Black Circle Coffee™

    Small batch roastery… big ideas!

  • Black Sheep Coffee

    Black Sheep was started by a group of coffee-loving friends who decided to leave the herd behind and stay awake for the rest of their lives. To do that they needed to develop a natural coffee that had enough caffeine to satisfy their appetite for life, a blend that would consistently deliver a smooth and full-bodied flavor to ensure they would never again have to drink average-tasting coffee

  • Blenders of Northampton

    We are the distributor of Gaggia and Ecaffe coffee but we also have a small roastery within our shop in Northampton - Blenders of Northampton, where we roast about 20 different blends of coffee. We have been there for about 25 years

  • Blossom Coffee Roasters

    Sourcing & roasting the highest quality coffee with the lowest possible environmental impact.

  • Focusing on high-altitude producers, we carefully select ethically sourced green beans and roast them to perfection on our Giesen

  • Brown Bear

    Artisan roasted gourmet coffee from Brown Bear. Join the family today.

  • Bruce & Lukes Coffee

    We are Bruce & Luke. Our passion for coffee started when we took on a cafe, where we learned to fine tune our knowledge of coffee from a baristas view. From there we started travelling around trying different roasters coffees and being excited by all the different tastes. So we decided to start our very own small batch hands on Coffee Roaster with simple ethics. To source great beans, play around with how we roast to bring out the very best flavour and to get the product to you guys fresh.

  • Butterworth & Son

    East Anglia based speciality food company with an emphasis on high quality Coffee & Tea.

  • Cafe Hormozi

    Cafe Hormozi are a family-run traditional coffee roastery. We provide coffee beans to restaurants, cafes and more all over the UK. Due to popular demand, we have decided to start delivering our great tasting blends direct to your doorstep. We only use traditional drum roasters and all orders are roasted one day before delivery to ensure optimum freshness and quality

  • Caffe Ginevra UK

    Serious about Sicilian coffee.

  • We are a small artisan roaster based in sunny Sherburn in Elmet in the middle of the Yorkshire country side. All our single origins are lovingly hand roasted and hand packed on site on our 15kg Toper roaster. With fifteen years of experience, we have built up a vast knowledge on everything to do with the coffee industry; from the machines to beans and all the extra bits in-between.

  • Capital Coffee

    Coffee. Direct from Farm to Cup.

  • We love everything about coffee.

  • Carrara Collection

    The first thing you notice when dealing with Caffe Carrara is we have a true passion for quality coffee. We have been involved within the coffee industry since 2005, and launched Caffe Carrara in 2010 having felt the market was flooded with mediocre coffee. We dedicate time extensively to sourcing and establishing exceptional coffee, which we offer full traceability and sustainability throughout.

  • Carvetii Coffee

    Your local Speciality Coffee Roasters Winner of the CN Group New Business of the Year Award 2013

  • Casa Espresso

    Bradford’s first Micro Roastery and UK’s original Sanremo distributor. Small batch hand roasted coffees from ethical & sustainable coffee green importers. Free Barista Training & support

  • Cast Iron Roasters

    We started Cast Iron Coffee Roasters with a vision of a family business focused squarely on producing the best quality speciality coffee possible. We hand roast our coffee beans to order at our workshop in West Sussex, with the aim of getting them to our customers within 3 working days of being ordered. The best quality coffee from a traceable source, carefully roasted, delivered fresh - that is speciality coffee and it is delicious, this is what we do at Cast Iron Coffee Roasters. And nobody ever argues with deliciousness !

  • Clifton Coffee

    Roasters, Green Bean Hunters, La Marzocco & La Spaziale Sales, Skilled Engineers, Trainers, Barista Competition Winners & Coffee Geeks here.

  • Climpson and Sons

    We are a growing company of coffee enthusiasts, roasting espresso blends and a range of single origin beans. We supply our flagship café on Hackney’s Broadway Market, our own stall on market day, as well as a growing list of establishments who have chosen to work with us. Established in 2005, our cafe is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution.

  • Cloud Picker Coffee

    We are Cloud Picker, a micro coffee roastery established in 2013 & based on Sheriff Street in Dublin City Centre.

  • Coaltown Coffee Roasters
    Ammanford, Carmarthenshire

    Artisan Speciality Coffee Roasters & The Welsh School of Coffee Barista Training - West Wales

  • Coffee Compass

    The Coffee Compass is a specialist gourmet coffee roastery. We roast, we drink, we LIVE coffee!

  • Coffee Direct - Scotland

    25 years experience in the world of coffee. Our passion for coffee - using the best Arabica beans is evident in our range blends and origin coffees

  • Coffee Factory

    Artisan Coffee Roaster based in Devon, serving awesome award winning coffee since 2009. Lovers of great local food & Coffee obviously ;-)

  • Coffee Mojo

    Roasting single origin coffees every week in Wicklow

  • Coffee Plant
    Portobello Road, London

    We roast Organic and Fairtrade Coffee for Wholesale and Retail

  • Coffee Real Ltd

    Coffee Real is a specialty coffee roaster focused on roasting top quality coffee to inspiring standards of perfection.

  • Coffee World

    Coffee Roaster and Espresso Machine Specialists - UK Sole Importers of Fabbri Syrups , Sauces, Mixy Fruit and Amarena


    Coffee-Direct freshly roasts coffee beans, then sends them direct to your door. We source fabulous origin coffees from the far corners of the world

  • CoffeeBeanShop

    A small, family-run traditional coffee roastery based in ashford. Looking to work with new companies and supply everyone with our freshly roasted coffee.

  • Colombia Coffee Roasters

    Our artisan coffee is roasted locally at our premises in Oxford

  • Connoisseur Coffee

    Connoisseur Coffee have a wide range of finely blended freshly roasted coffee beans and an ever increasing list of our famous luxury tasting flavour infused 100% Arabica coffee beans, which we will happily grind for your desired use and deliver to your door

  • Cork Coffee Roasters

    Cork Coffee Roasters is a Cork City based Coffee Company specialising in small-batch coffee roasting and espresso preparation, and espresso equipment.

  • CounterRoast

    Most coffee beans are roasted in large batches to standard settings. At CounterRoast, we're turning away from that and hand-roasting in small batches in our micro-roastery. Each batch will be tailored to preserve and enhance the unique characteristics of the premium green coffee beans that we've sourced. If it's unique single origin coffees you want (and we think you will), then get in touch. If signature blends are your thing too, we're running with those too. Come join us. You'll love it. We're sure.

  • Craft House Coffee

    It all began with an obsession to make the perfect brew. After many years and many more cups of coffee the obsession went far beyond the brewing method. We wanted to know: where did this coffee come from? What Happens during the roasting process? What gives the coffee its characteristics? Its important to think, not just how, but what actually makes the perfect coffee. What combination of elements, hard work and time has given you this product? This obsession is what set us on the mission to better understand the coffee industry, Thus Craft House Coffee was born

  • Craic Coffee

    Artisan Coffee Roaster. Specialty grade arabica beans hand roasted on demand. Quality. Freshness. Go on have a cuppa craic.

  • Crankhouse Coffee

    We are an artisan micro-roaster focusing on purchasing amazing coffees from around the world. Our coffees are selected from speciality importers who support and care about the farmers and cooperatives through ethical and sustainable practices. As a roaster, my job is to develop the potential that exists in the green coffee as the farmer intended, coaxing out the natural flavours determined by the terroir and the processing techniques adopted. My tools are a lovely Italian 1995 Petroncini TT7.5, my senses and a little science.

  • We are a Specialty Coffee Artisan Roasters in the heart of Devon. Find us on Crediton Town Market Square.

  • Crosby Coffee

    Micro Artisan Coffee Roasters & Coffee House Now located @ Bridge Rd Ind Est 8-5 Mon-Sat Crosby Coffee began early in 2013, an experiment turned hobby which soon spiralled into obsession. Freshly roast, finely ground and fantastically brewed coffee for anyone to enjoy - all done under one roof. After a few months of testing the product (the good part) the business grew and the investment of more time, training and machinery all followed. The decision was daunting yet very exciting as we knew we had a great product mixed with great work ethic.

  • Curve Roasters

    We're a recently established speciality coffee roastery based in Margate on the very east tip of Kent. Despite being a very young operation we've had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant clients, well respected in the industry, such as Federation in Brixton, The Black Lab in Clapham Common, Store Street in Central London and others.

  • Dark Arts Coffee

    Homerton Coffee Roasters - Hackney Cafe

  • Dark Woods Coffee

    Specialty wholesale and retail coffee roaster, based in the beautiful West Yorkshire Pennines

  • Dear Green Coffee

    Speciality coffee roaster providing unconditional coffee love! Glasgow, Scotland

  • DJ Miles

    We are a tea and coffee merchants based in West Somerset. Split between two sites we taste, buy, blend and pack our own brand of tea, 'Miles Tea', in Minehead. Our coffee is roasted, ground and packed in Porlock. Plus, we've got a factory shop at The Vale Yard in Porlock. We are a family run business with a passion for quality and service

  • Django Coffee Co.

    We are Django Coffee Co. and have taken inspiration from Melbourne’s flourishing and robust coffee scene to make it our mission to provide quality speciality coffee with a low environmental impact. We source our own green coffee beans from coffee growers around the world and then roast the beans in small batches to be able to create unique flavours. Django Coffee Co. is 100% committed to providing information on the origins, the farmers and the coffee beans journey from the farm to your cup. We are a company that respects the farmers, the environment as well as our customers.

  • doppiocoffee

    Doppio Coffee is a coffee wholesale company that aims to build a bridge between roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and independent coffee shops. Each Doppio Coffee Warehouse is made up of a showroom, espresso bar, and workshop where coffee lovers, consumers, retailers, and wholesalers can see and touch equipment and accessories, and learn about how to make coffee. Customers are welcome to explore our machines in the showroom, try some of our coffee in the espresso bar, and have a look at what our engineers are up to in the workshop. The interactive presentation of DCW reflects our ethos and every aspect of this comes together to provide a unique experience for our customers

  • Drury Tea & Coffee

    ''A passionate coffee roaster and tea blender in the Heart of London Since 1936 '' - Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order and Export. @DruryPyramids

  • Dusty Ape Coffee

    Knowing Coffee - We roast by hand in small batches, carefully profiling all of our roasts to get the most from the beans and to ensure each batch is reproducible. Each roast imparts lessons about how best to perfect flavours in the cup; we use this knowledge to constantly improve the quality of our coffee.

  • Edgcumbes

    30 years ago Edgcumbes started on the kitchen table of founder Frank Rendle. Starting with an ancient Whitmee roaster, we added an old Probat and now our we have a brand new Giesen housed in a converted Dutch Barn- we love them all! Edgcumbes have decades of experience – we source and roast coffee in small batches to the general public and have long-term relationships with many of our trade customers. As well as our factory shop, we supply a huge range of products (loose teas, speciality teas, barista kit ,etc) we have a thriving online business , we train, we service and supply kit.

  • Ethical Addictions

    Sourcing and supplying some of the world's finest coffees direct from the farm.

  • Exchange Coffee Co.

    Coffee Roasters and Tea Merchants in Blackburn, Clitheroe, Skipton and Todmorden. The secret of great coffee is its freshness!

  • EXE Coffee Roasters

    Selected seasonal coffees freshly roasted by us for you to try as filter with V60 and aeropress and a selection of single origin espresso. All freshly roasted on our handbuilt & handmade roaster in Devon

  • Extract Coffee

    Coffee roaster of specialty grade Arabica, perfectly crafted on ‘Betty’, our 1955 cast iron vintage drum roaster by UKBC Cup Tasting Winner 2011, David Faulkner

  • One of the oldest independent coffee roasters in UK. Our Lakeland Special Tea is legendary. Delivering throughout the lovely Lakes. Passionate about good coffee.

  • Ferrari's Coffee

    Welcome to Ferraris, the oldest coffee roasting company in Wales. We supply coffee, our own tea products and other ancillary items and are also one of the largest suppliers and service agents for coffee machines in the UK

  • We are FINCA, an independent coffee shop based at DT1 1UF. All the coffee we serve & the beans we sell are roasted in house by hand on our small batch roaster

  • Flaming Bean Coffee

    Artisan micro roastery selling speciality coffees from around the world.

  • Footprint Coffee

    Delicious coffee freshly roasted for you - and we're carbon neutral too !

  • Forth Coffee Roasters

    We are Forth Coffee Roasters, a local Edinburgh based coffee roaster. We only roast to order ensuring customers receive the freshest coffee.

  • Foundry Coffee Roasters

    Artisan coffee roasters in Nether Edge, Sheffield. Committed to ethically sourced, highest quality beans -always roasted to order. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

  • Frazer's Coffee Roasters

    We are a small, independent, artisan coffee roaster based in Sheffield. We built our very own roaster using Sheffield steel and batch roast all our coffee to order, whether it be a single origin or one of our original blends. Our passion is to take great beans and roast them to create something delicious – the fresher the better!

  • Freehand Coffee

    A return to roots - A celebration of over twenty decades in coffee roasting, a growth from small to large, a full circle to where we began. More artisan flair, more mistakes, more learning, more perfecting, more flavour

  • Freshpac

    Founded by husband-and-wife team Gerald and Queenie Salter - back when Gerald ground all the coffee at home - Freshpac began with one main objective: provide the best possible service and the best possible coffee (Freshpac coffee!). Its all about doing it right you see, and here at Freshpac we’re happy to say that the two are one and the same thing. It’s been like that since we first started, and you know what? We find it really works!

  • Full Circle Roasters provides roasted and brewed coffee for all to enjoy. We apply proven techniques to get the best from our coffee so that you can focus on enjoying the experience.

  • Garraways Coffee

    One of the UK's most trusted coffee service providers, servicing over 18,000 customers nationwide, with freshly roasted coffee, and other beverage items…

  • Gillards of Bath

    Founded in 1886 in the world heritage city of Bath, England, Gillards has an outstanding reputation for selecting and supplying only the very best teas and coffees from all parts of the world.

  • Glen Lyon Coffee

    We roast coffee in the Scottish Highlands

  • Godfrey C. Williams & Son Ltd

    Godfrey C. Williams & Son are one of the last traditional UK grocers to roast their own coffee, with their vintage 3kg Whitby roaster dating from 1947 still in weekly use. With a range of over 20 coffees, there is something to suit everyone's taste. They also provide free samples of their coffee every Thursday on Market Day, with a different coffee every week.

  • Gold Goat

    We started Gold Goat because we love coffee. It’s everything! The taste, the smell, the caffeine hit but more importantly the role it plays in all our lives. You have farmers who rely on it to make a living, roasters and baristas honing their craft and of course those who can’t get through the day without smelling the sweet aroma’s. As all coffee lovers know, there’s a story behind every cup and Gold Goat is no different.

  • GoldBoxRoastery

    We're a small independant roastery sourcing speciality coffee

  • Gordon St Coffee

    Small batch coffee producer, serving the perfect cup of coffee, roasted on site

  • Green Bridge Organics

    Specialising in delicious, organic coffee, our principles include buying as directly from the producer as possible, and using fair-trade wherever possible. All our beans are hand-roasted in-house from our base in Findhorn in Moray, Scotland.

  • Green Farm Coffee

    Subscription Coffee Boxes, Single Origin & Blends, Roasted in #Norwich

  • Grey Seal Roastery

    Roasting, brewing and selling coffee to the public and trade on the North Norfolk coast in the village of Glandford. Buy our beans online.

  • Ground Coffee Society

    Roasting & serving great coffee, delicious homemade baking and gourmet breakfasts, with friendly customer service

  • Grumpy Mule Coffee

    Coffee roaster dedicated to unique single origin coffees and espresso. Both certified and specialty coffees supported by equipment and barista training.

  • Hands-On Coffee

    Micro-roasters offering freshly roasted gourmet coffee to the independently minded people of Wadebridge, Cornwall, and beyond!

  • Happy Donkey Coffee

    Happy Donkey Ltd uk suppliers of fresh roasted coffee beans, coffee machine accessories, Barista tools, cleaning products and spare parts for coffee machines.

  • Hasbean

    Coffee Roaster from Stafford who lives coffee

  • Heart&Graft Roastery

    Hidden in the heart of Manchester, behind a faux Victorian façade made out of reclaimed wood and glass. Heart & Graft roastery. The new home of the Coffee Circle & Uno coffee service. Coffee love in the heart of Manchester.

  • Welcome to Perthshire's premier coffee roasting house!

  • Home Ground Coffee

    I am an artisan coffee roaster wanting to spread the word about my company Home Ground Coffee Ltd. We roast brilliant ethically sourced single origin coffees.

  • Horsham Coffee

    West Sussex based speciality coffee roaster. Located between Horsham and Crawley focusing on ethically traded single origin coffee roasted to order.

  • Hot Numbers Coffee

    Hot Numbers independent coffee-house & single origin roastery. Open daily 7:30am-6pm Thurs/Fri/Sun till 10pm. Proper coffee, Live music, Real piano!

  • HR Higgins Ltd

    Established in 1942 we are a third generation speciality tea and coffee merchants with a shop in Duke Street, Mayfair, London W1.

  • Imbibe Coffee

    If you’re looking for excellent coffee you’ve come to the right place. At Imbibe, our coffee starts at great and ranges to the highest quality speciality coffees, including Cup Of Excellence winners.

  • Inverness Coffee Roasting

    Inverness based coffee roastery, roasting fresh every week and supplying the Highlands and Islands with their craft roasted, gourmet grade coffee requisites. Note that we travel to Wick in Caithness on the first Saturday of the month and man a stall in the Wick Farmer's market (9-4pm). Thanks.

  • Iron & Fire

    Speciality coffee roaster in West Midlands & Shropshire. Hand roasted ethically sourced coffees, machines & equipment and coffee training centre for trade and retail. Pop in and see us anytime!

  • J. Atkinson and Co.

    Coffee roaster dreaming of Ethiopia. Looking for the spark. I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to light a flame in your heart

  • James Gourmet Coffee

    The South West's answer to exceptional coffee roasted and loved by professionals daily!

  • Jasper's Coffee

    Our coffees are Artisan Roasted in Brading by Peter. He uses high quality single origin arabica beans from around the world. Each coffee is roasted to bring out its natural flavour and characteristics. We do not dark roast since this destroys the natural sugars leading to a bitter bland coffee. We use a retro lever machine to pull espressos that are simply delicious!

  • Java Republic Roasting Company

    The Java Republic Mission has always been to share our passion for fresh, hand-roasted superior coffee – with a conscience.

  • Jericho Coffee Traders

    Jericho Coffee Traders is a micro roastery working from the historic Jericho neighbourhood of Oxford. Run by James Armitage and Elizabeth Drury, the Jericho Coffee Traders encompasses the iconic Pukeko truck, a vivid turquoise tuk-tuk converted into a mobile cafe, and a familiar sight around the city, the Jericho roastery and a vibrant pop-up cafe in Central Oxford. We roast our beans in an old warehouse hidden away in the historic Jericho neighbourhood of Oxford before sending some to our central Oxford cafe, and preparing the rest to be sent out to our customers all over the UK.

  • Joe Black Coffee

    Liverpool's premier coffee roaster, hand roasting quality beans from all over the world, and supplying exclusive blends to the city's most popular venues.

  • Jonestown Coffee

    Small low brow coffee roaster coming soon to East London. Quality without the bullshit.

  • Julius Meinl UK

    With more than 150 years of expertise Julius Meinl has been able to perfect every single step of the supply chain, resulting in coffees of undoubted premium quality – we only offer the best of the best. Our coffees are carefully selected in the world's finest regions, purchased directly from farmers through personal contact and processed in a gentle manner so that only the freshest and fullest aroma reaches your cup

  • Kimbo UK

    Kimbo in the UK are here to promote the finest Italian espresso from Naples at home and your favourite coffee shop/ restaurant! We love espresso.

  • Lincoln & York

    We specialise in providing a coffee sourcing, roasting and packing service to the Out of Home, Retail and Foodservice markets in the UK, Europe and Worldwide

  • Great teas and coffees to your door! John & Susie at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company love great tea & coffee & want you to enjoy this little luxury every day.

  • London Coffee Roasters

    Supplying great tasting freshly roasted coffee, with an Antipodean flavour and passion, to independent cafe's and coffee lovers in London… and beyond.

  • London roaster based in Walthamstow. Coffees are generally 85+ from the cupping table.

  • Luckie Beans
    Berwick Upon Tweed

    Luckie Beans are a microroastery in Love Lane Berwick Upon Tweed. All their coffees are highly traceable and purchased via Direct Trade.

  • MacBeans Coffee

    Supplying freshly roasted coffee & quality teas from all over the world to the North East of Scotland & beyond since 1989. 01224 624575

  • Speciality Coffee Roasters. Wholesale ▸ Equipment ▸ Support ▸ Subscriptions.

  • ManCoCo

    Micro Artisan Coffee roasters situated in the heart of Manchester City Centre. Visit website for all our up to date information on our roasts.

  • Manx Tea And Coffee

    Welcome to Manx Pack Ltd is a family run business situated in the Isle of Man. We import raw (green) coffee beans and only roast to order in our own roasting plant, so we can guarantee maximum freshness, taste and aroma from all our coffees

  • Markus Coffee

    Established in 1957, we supply retail customers, hotels and restaurants with the very best coffee, formulated through decades of experimentation.

  • Masteroast Coffee Co Ltd

    Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd. is an independently owned coffee roasting and packing facility, offering an unrivaled range of coffees and private label packing solutions since 1981. With over 30 years of expertise, experience and understanding of the coffee market, Masteroast is the obvious supply partner for your coffee business

  • Matthew Algie

    Coffee roasters based in Glasgow, Scotland. More words on our Facebook:

  • Maude Coffee

    We are a specialty micro coffee roastery in the UK. We strive for quality and excellence in everything that we do. Our mission is to introduce the worlds best quality coffee to the UK market in a considered, experienced and disciplined way. At our foundation is the principle of paying more and praising farmers for the hard work they put in to making the coffees we buy, the best the world has to offer. With 7 years of experience our team has touched nearly every corner of the rich tapestry that is the coffee world. Whether it be sourcing, brewing, cupping, engineering, or any other area. The chances are we’ve had a part to play in it.

  • Method Roastery

    Ethically Sourced, Seasonal coffee. Hand Crafted in Herefordshire. An independent company, we’re dedicated to sourcing, roasting and packing the world’s finest coffees. Originally set up to supply our regular market stalls, as well as a number of quality-focused independent local shops, delicatessens and cafes. You can now find our beans further afield at a range of outlets that share our passion for real coffee.

  • Microroastery

    Freshly Roasted Fine & Seasonal Coffee's, supplying local business and for home use

  • MissionCoffeeWorks

    East London Coffee Roasters

  • Modern Standard Coffee

    Merging years of innovation and detail-led experience from speciality coffee with the efficiencies of commercial production. We are Modern Standard Coffee.

  • Monmouth Coffee

    We roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. When we taste a coffee that we like, we want to know where it comes from and who grows, picks and processes it

  • Monsoon Estates

    Coffee Roaster Loves all things coffee!!!!

  • Moonroast Coffee

    Artisan coffee roastery, specialising in hand roasted Arabica coffees that connoisseurs and every day coffee lovers will relish. Tweets by the Moonroast team.

  • Mr. Eion

    the one with the beard and the glasses

  • Mug Run Roasting

    Small batch coffee roaster located in North Wales. Rhostiwr coffi maint fychan yng Gogledd Cymru.

  • Neighbourhood Coffee

    Serving the coffee needs of the home, the community and businesses, the fine folk at Neighbourhood have scoured the world to bring the very best to your cup, or mug. We could drone on for hours about processing, logistics, markets and figures. We don’t because we just want you to enjoy our coffee. We worry about it, you drink it. A simple pleasure should never be complicated

  • North Star Coffee

    Leeds' first small batch Roastery and Coffee Academy devoted to stand out quality and sound ethics. Winner of the 2015 @TheYBFs Coffee Award

  • Northern Edge Coffee

    Northern Edge Coffee is an independent coffee roastery based in the seaside town of Berwick upon Tweed. We specialise in roasting delicious, hand crafted coffee for both the retail and wholesale markets and are dedicated to crafting high quality coffee. All our coffee is fair-trade, organic, and supports rainforest alliance.

  • Northern Tea

    Northern Tea Merchants' connections with the Tea & Coffee Trade date back to 1926. Since then, we have developed our knowledge and expertise in both the Tea and Coffee industry to a point where over 50 million cups of our own Tea and Coffee are drunk every year. We also contract-pack many tens of millions more on behalf of several other satisfied customers

  • Notes Roastery

    Roasting some of the best coffee around…

  • Nude Coffee Roasters

    Specialty coffee roasters with cafes at 26 Hanbury St, E1 6QR and 19 Soho Square, W1D 3QN

  • Old Spike Roastery

    Old Spike Roastery was set up to provide some of the finest, freshly roasted coffee in the UK. We source our speciality beans from all over the world and roast them on our shop roaster called 'Torberg'. What makes us a little different from your regular coffee shop is that we are a social enterprise, setup exclusively to help local homeless people in our community. Our mission is to provide expert training, housing and a job that will hopefully be a stepping stone to long term employment.

  • Artisan roaster in Penryn - Cornwall

  • Origin Coffee

    Specialty Coffee Roasters

  • Ouseburn Coffee Co.

    Newcastle's first indie coffee Roastery/Shop. Speciality beans hand roasted in the heart of Ouseburn valley served by the cup & the bag.

  • Outpost Coffee

    Nottingham based artisan roaster, dedicated to ethical trade, great design and exceptional tastes… NG1

  • Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

    Artisan Coffee Roaster in South Lanarkshire - Scotland. We are a bunch of guys who are passionate about coffee. We endorse the true Italian coffee tradition. Call it a vision, a dream, a purpose: we want to offer great coffee and work with great people to achieve our goals

  • Owens Coffee

    Hand crafted, ethical coffee. Owens coffee is hand roasted in the beautiful South Devon town of Modbury. We love our home, good food & great coffee!

  • OzoneCoffeeRoasters

    Independent Coffee Roasters…we source, roast, brew and live coffee.

  • Pact Coffee

    Delicious coffees delivered fresh from roasting to home or work.

  • Papercup Coffee

    Coffee & Food - Big Time

  • Passion Fruit Coffee


  • Pebble and Pine

    Speciality coffee beans, freshly roasted to order and delivered direct to your door. For truly exceptional coffee, visit our online store now.

  • Pharmacie Coffee Roasters
    Brighton and Hove

    Micro roastery & Tasting room. Open to the public. COMING SOON TO BRIGHTON & HOVE. Follow us on Instragram -

  • Pink Lane Coffee Roastery

    Coffee roastery based just outside Newcastle Upon Tyne. Previously called Colour Coffee.

  • Pollards Wholesale Ltd

    We are an established coffee roasters and wholesale coffee suppliers based in Sheffield. Pollards provide freshly roasted wholesale coffee beans, tea, commercial coffee machines, coffee shop equipment and barista training to businesses across the UK.

  • Ponticelli Espresso

    Ponticelli® Espresso was born in 2009 out of one familys’ love of Quality Coffee. Mark and Stephen Bergin, a Father and Son team in Waterford had been in the Coffee industry for several years as agents for imported coffee brands, when they grew tired of the lack of a quality local offering in the south east of Ireland. So they decided to do it themselves, and set about researching Roasting Equipment, and coffee recipes. Countless gallons and kilos of coffee later, and they had their first and still most popular blend, Cafe Creme. Cafe Espresso soon followed, and from there Cafe Milano, and Cafe Roma, Superiore and San Marco, the ever evolving and growing Ponticelli® range soon grew a reputation for quality coffee, produced locally. Ponticelli®, literally meaning little bridges, was named after a suburb of Naples visited on a family holiday many years before.

  • Porter's Coffee

    Premium, flame roasted coffee delivered straight to your door.

  • Pumphrey's Coffee

    Newcastle's only Family-Run Independant Coffee Shop, Roasterie & Barista Trainers since 1750. Best UK Espresso 2012 (BSA) Best UK Cappuccino 2013 (BSA) 5* Award. 2012,13 (BSA) UKBC Semi Final x 3

  • Pónaire Irish Handcrafted Coffee

    We import high quality Arabica beans from around the world and hand roast them to meticulously draw out unique flavours. Since 2009, we have won 14 Great Taste Awards for our coffees

  • Quarter Horse Coffee

    Quarter Horse Coffee is an independent coffee roaster with cafes in Oxford and Birmingham. February 2015 marked the opening of our second shop and roastery. Located on Bristol street in the Southside area of Birmingham. Roasting our own beans is an exciting venture that allows us to source high quality green beans from around the world, and freshly roast them for our customers. Come by and see how this process works with our roaster in sight from the cafe. We aim to roast some of the best coffee in the UK.

  • Rave Coffee

    Roasting and blending award winning speciality coffee in the Cotswolds.

  • Reads Coffee

    READS COFFEE ROASTERS is an award-winning family run business specialising in the hand roasting of Single Estate Arabica coffees and our unique Espresso Blends

  • We roast carefully selected single origin coffees, selling these as well as a few choice blends. Our coffee is pure (no added flavours) some are fair trade and also organic. All our coffee is roasted fresh to order, ensuring we bring you the freshest coffee possible

  • Red Bank Coffee Roasters

    Red Bank Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee roastery based on the banks of lake Coniston in the English Lake District. Our mission is to make high-quality speciality coffee readily available in and around the Lake District, to follow and promote ethical business practices, and to teach our customers how to prepare the perfect cup. We hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy sourcing and roasting it for you

  • Red Cherry coffee

    Delighting Kent with our traceable coffees which we profile roast on our small batch roaster here in Whitstable.

  • Red Monkey Coffee UK

    Red Monkey Coffee sellers of fine coffees to the UK, traditionally hand roasted arabica coffee beans & a range of espresso machines & accessories all with free UK delivery

  • Red Roaster

    People need at least one excellent coffee a day.

  • Redber

    We provide freshly roasted coffee beans to homes and offices. We roast origin coffees as well as various blends. Oh, and yes we love coffee!

  • Rinaldo's Coffee

    launching in june 2015

  • Ristretto Coffee

    Northern Ireland based coffee roaster. Roasting the finest coffee, supplying quality machinery and providing the best support

  • Roasted Brown
    Delgany, Co. Wicklow

    Roasted Brown is a Single Origin coffee roaster focusing on sourcing the finest green coffee we can find each season

  • Roaster B

    Inspired by the world’s greatest cities, we are passionate about capturing the spirit of each city within a pack of high quality freshly roasted coffee beans.

  • Roasters Artisan

    I love the world of coffee roasting and have a vision of Artisan fresh coffee roasters like us selling Roasters Artisan Coffee Beans,Direct to coffee lovers.

  • Roastworks Coffee Co

    We are a small, independent company dedicated to the craft of roasting coffees of exceptional quality.

  • Roberts & Co.

    We are coffee roasters and retailers with a long family tradition in the tea and coffee trade, dating back to 1891. It is important to us to source and roast the finest single origin and estate coffees. We also blend different coffees to suit different methods of coffee making. As coffee specialists we are fully aware of our responsibility to seek out the best coffees and to pay fair prices for that quality.

  • Hand roasting in small batches our ROOST Espresso blend and single origins

  • Round Hill Roastery

    Round Hill Roastery is a speciality coffee roasting company based a few miles south of Bath in Radstock, Somerset. Our focus is to source, roast and supply exceptional coffee for the home brewer and wholesale customer.

  • Rounton Coffee Ltd

    Local Coffee Roastery, Roasting Speciality Coffee in a Beautiful old Granary and Estate

  • We love coffee. We roast coffee. We value the bean. Opening summer 2015…

  • Sasha House Petite

    Welcome to Sasha House Petite, Dublin's first French/Slavic coffee & pastry bar based on Drury Street (just beside the carpark). We produce our own micro-roasted coffee to enjoy both here with us and in your own home

  • Second City Coffee

    Sublime coffee, personalised consultancy & barista training is just the beginning of the journey

  • Sidewalk Coffee Co

    What we're about - We love coffee and believe that the UK has only just started on the journey of coffee appreciation. There's a lot to know. We don't know it all. No-one does. But we're committed to educating ourselves and others to get the best coffee to you at a great price. All locally roasted. Who are we? - We're two people who love roasting coffee and decided to start a coffee roasting business.

  • Silver Oak Coffee

    Speciality coffee roasters. We are a micro roastery based in north Cambridgeshire with an enthusiasm for coffee.

  • Skye Roastery

    Skye Roastery at Café Sia sources and selects some of the finest gourmet coffees from around the world. We then hand roast them in small batches to perfection, grinding each cup to order, bringing out the best of each variety.

  • Small Batch Coffee

    Hand Selected, Hand Roasted, Hand Packed That's the Small Batch Handshake

  • Smith Street Coffee

    We are a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We work hard to source the best green coffee available, direct from growers and certified whenever possible. We have an intense focus on quality, freshness and customer service. Whether you want to enjoy the nuances of an exquisite single-origin estate coffee, or prefer the unique character of a special blend, we have a coffee that’s guaranteed to please

  • Smiths Coffee Company
    Hemel Hempstead

    Smiths are specialist coffee bean suppliers in the UK. We are delighted to offer our customers a comprehensive range of freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world. This includes single estate, speciality, Fairtrade and organic coffees as well as a wide range of blends to suit every occasion. A range of flavoured coffees and syrups are also available

  • Smokey Barn Coffee

    Speciality Coffee Roasters in Norwich, Wholesale & Retail

  • Freshly roasted specialty coffee available across the UK - Wholesale, Retail, and at Home

  • Spiller & Tait

    Our founders, Simon Spiller and David Tait, are two friends who share a passion for coffee. They source only the finest coffee beans from around the world and craft original blends, in small batches, in their own micro-roaster in South West England. Simon and David have spent many years running businesses which roast, wholesale and serve coffee. As such, they are one of many innovators who have helped shape a renaissance in the High Street coffee experience in the UK over the past decade. Now, their shared experience and insights enables them to create and offer premium quality coffees that customers love to drink

  • Square Mile Coffee

    Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning coffee roasting company based in East London. It was founded by two people with a collective 19 years of experience in the coffee industry, spanning from barista work, machinery support and coffee training to import, cupping and roasting and has grown to be a team of 12 talented coffee professionals, with a wealth of experience and passion for what we do.

  • Square root Coffee

    “Your coffee, Our passion” - We are an artisan coffee roaster in Edington, a beautiful and picturesque village in the heart of Wiltshire. All our ethically sourced beans are roasted on "Laura" - our 3kg Drum Roaster

  • Steampunk Coffee

    After working for many years in the coffee and hospitality industry we had met so many fantastic people that we wanted to work with and so many ideas we wanted to develop further. We want to be true to the “Steampunk Ethos” – remaking the old and tailoring it for the future

  • Stewarts Coffees

    Stewarts of Trent Bridge - Artisan roasters providing fresh coffee, loose leaf teas, coffee machines and supplies to the trade and the home barista

  • Stokes Tea and Coffee

    Established in 1902, Stokes Tea and Coffee is a fourth generation, family run business that roast splendid blends and single origin coffees for both wholesale and retail markets.  They source, blend, roast, pack and distribute all under one roof in Lincoln using an eco-friendly ‘smart’ roaster.  Our bespoke private label service means that we can roast and pack for other businesses, creating unique and original blends that are specific to our customer and only to them.  Our founder, Robert William Stokes’ motto was “Fresh, Quality and Affordable” – a policy which still applies today. We also run two of the busiest cafés and restaurants in Lincoln – Stokes High Bridge Café and Stokes Collection Café.

  • Tamp Culture Coffee

    Speciality Coffee Roasters crafting flat whites and brewing on the AeroPress @ The Oracle, Reading

  • tankcoffee

    Coffee roasters in Manchester with a heart for the farmers in Africa who grow our wonderful 100% arabica beans. We roast to order for businesses and homes.

  • Since October 2011 all coffee throughout Tate has been sourced and roasted in house, operating out of our roastery in Herne Hill headed up by Benjamin Presland. It is available to buy online or in the Tate Modern and Tate Britain shops

  • TERRONE Coffee UK

    Specialty coffee: Fri&Sat @NetilMarket London E83RL - Sun @villageGmarket Hackney Downs and Micro roasting in Italy

  • The Bean Shop

    The Bean Shop is a speciality coffee roasters based in Perth, Scotland. We batch roast our delicious premium coffee daily using only the finest coffee beans.

  • Coffee roaster. Online - Beverley Market - Humber Street Market - Wholesale

  • The Blue Bean Coffee Co.

    The Blue Bean Coffee Co. is a U.K based coffee company specialising in producing some of the finest coffee in the world. Our coffee is sourced from selected growers across the world. We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that our coffee comes from sustainable plantations throughout the world. We're passionate about providing our customers with superior tasting coffee, that's why we only convection roast our coffee, we don't add water to our products to 'bulk' them up, we remove the chaff and other unwanted particles so that our coffee's flavour isn't impaired. Our roasters have many years experience using this method and many passionate hours have gone into them gaining valuable knowledge so that they have become experts in convection roasting. We can also produce own label bespoke coffee blends, just contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • The Coffee Bean - Van & Roaster

    Established in 2008, The Coffee Bean is an online coffee and coffee supplies store, an independent coffee roaster and mobile espresso bar based in Aberdare, South Wales

  • The Coffee Company - Torquay

    The Coffee Company based in Torquay Devon, specialises in offering one of the most unique range of products and services available in the industry. Espresso beans, cafetiere and gourmet filter coffees from some of the Worlds finest growing regions

  • The Coffee Officina

    A workshop and laboratory, sourcing the best coffee to roast, brew and supply.

  • The Coffee Roasters

    Over 80 splendid coffees from 13 artisan roasters - all in one place

  • The Dorset Coffee Company

    Artisan Coffee Roasters, using traditional methods, Great Taste and Tatse of Dorset Award Winning Coffee, Hand Roasted by Roastmaster Nigel Green

  • The Ethiopian Coffee Co

    Bringing our love and passion for #Ethiopian #Coffee to you in #London! • Great dedication • Great quality • Great taste •

  • The Fresh Coffee Co

    Based in Reigate, supplying locally, London and the South East the finest coffee beans, loose leaf teas, machines and all the support and training you need.

  • The Galway Roast

    The Galway Roast began life as a café in Tuam, County Galway over 3 years ago and today has grown into a unique company that roasts its very own coffee beans to ensure customers receive the freshest and most distinctive tasting coffee possible.

  • The Golden Bean

    Coffee Roaster, Barista, Employer of life…. It's all in the cup.

  • The House of Coffee

    We supply freshly roasted coffee to homes and businesses around the world. Enjoy our original Get In The Mood® range. Follow us on FB

  • The Isle of Wight Espresso Company
    Isle Of Wight

    We are a family run business, driven by a passion for real coffee. We import most of our products directly from the manufacturer, or, as in our Island Roasted Artisan Coffee, we produce it ourselves in our roastery!

  • The Little Red Roaster

    Coffee Shop on Grove Rd and Market Stall on Norwich Market. Passionate about coffee and making a great coffee experience for all our customers.

  • The Missing Bean

    The Missing Bean in an independently owned and run espresso bar, set up to bring the artisan Antipodean style coffee and laid back atmosphere to the heart of Oxford. Set up in Autumn 2009 by Ori and Vicky, who had just returned from Sydney, the Missing Bean quickly established a reputation for great coffee in a relaxed and friendly environment. In 2014 Missing Bean set up a micro coffee roastery just down the road in East Oxford, where they roast beans on a weekly basis.

  • The Roast Den

    The Roast-Den are pioneers of micro-lot, fluidised bed roasted, bespoke coffee blends. They artisan roast small batches of coffee to order, ensuring our customers receive the freshest possible coffee, from the finest speciality grade beans.

  • The Roast House Tralee

    The Roast House is a Restaurant & Coffee Roastery in Tralee and is the only roastery in Kerry.

  • The Roastery at Bella Barista

    Friendly UK based retailer of fine Coffee Machines for the home, office and commercial businesses.

  • The Roasting House

    We're coffee lovers who love trying new coffees from different countries and farms all around the world. Free delivery by bicycle within Nottingham.

  • The Roasting Party

    now roasting…

  • The Roasting Shed

    The Roasting Shed carefully hand roasts and sells fresh coffee beans on demand, based in Clapton E5.

  • The Welsh Coffee Co
    The Vale of Glamorgan

    Would you like to serve our delicious locally roasted Welsh coffee in your business, if so drop me a line, we love to talk especially about good coffee!

  • Thistledown Cottage Coffee

    Small batch roaster of quality coffees from around the world, based in Suffolk. Available online and at a selection of local Farmers Markets.

  • Thomsons Coffee

    Scotland's original coffee roaster & tea blender since 1841

  • ThreeSixty˚ Coffee

    At ThreeSixty˚ we’re passionate about making fully traceable, premium quality coffee for everyone to experience and enjoy. As a nation of coffee lovers, we’re becoming more adventurous and interested in coffee seasonality and provenance – which has helped inspire our ThreeSixty˚ range of characterful and sophisticated blends

  • Small batch, independent roastery based in Glasgow.Scottish distributor for ROCKET ESPRESSO MILANO Follow Charlie on Instagram too!

  • Tropic Coffee Ltd
    Kings Lynn

    Established in 1983 Tropic is an independent family owned Coffee Roasting and packaging business. The company imports ,blends, roasts, packs coffee at its factory in Kings Lynn Norfolk. Tropic specialises in ‘own label ‘ packaging. Coffee can be blended to the customer’s specific requirements and existing blends matched if necessary. Packing can be printed and labelled to suit individual needs. Distribution is nationwide The Managing Director of Tropic is also the chief buyer and blender for the Company with over 40 years’ experience in the Coffee Trade including many years with leading national coffee companies. The Company objective is to achieve the highest level of quality control and product consistency and to maintain its long standing reputation for first class customer service.

  • Twin Cafe

    At Twin Café we want to do coffee differently. We set up direct trade links between twinned cities. We pay our farmers a fair price and then use our profits to fund amazing projects in our twinned cities. Our coffee is grown in the famous Miraflor natural reserve in the Esteli region of Nicaragua. Famous for its biodiversity, with over 200 species of orchids alone, Miraflor is the perfect place to grow delicious coffee.The small farmer’s co-operative UCA Miraflor have partnered with Twin Café, sharing our vision to bring their experience and knowledge of the art of coffee cultivation to Sheffield

  • Two Day Coffee

    Freshly roasted ethically sourced coffee

  • Two Spots Coffee

    We're an Irish coffee roastery and proud to be from Dublin, Ireland.

  • Tynemouth Coffee Co.

    Freshly roasted and lovingly prepared, the Tynemouth Coffee Company can deliver our award winning artisan coffee experience directly to your front door. With an unrivalled selection of global blends and tastes, you can enjoy the modern coffee shop escape, without having to lift a finger! 

  • Ue Coffee Roasters

    We're the UK's first & only wood powered artisan coffee roastery. Supporting baristas and industry frontrunners with the latest La Marzocco espresso technology.

  • Union Hand Roasted

    Exquisite coffee, ethically sourced, artisan roasted. Tweets mainly by Steven and Jeremy, roastmasters.

  • Upperlands Coffee Company

    Upperlands Coffee Company is a small family business run by Julie and John Henderson. They can be found every Saturday in St Georges speciality food market in Belfast and on the first Sunday of every month (through the summer) at Farmleigh Farmers Market in Phoenix Park Dublin

  • Utopia Coffee

    Independent coffee shop, we roast our coffee and supply to other shops. Fresh sandwiches and paninis, milkshakes and an upstairs!

  • Vagabond Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing speciality coffees from around the world in the pursuit of quality and consistency.

  • Volcano Coffee Works

    Volcano Coffee Works is a small batch roastery in South London, providing consistently excellent blends & single origins of craft roasted specialty coffee.

  • W. Martyn

    W Martyn is a traditional and old-fashioned family business, established in 1897 and still going strong. As specialists in tea and coffee and retailers of fine foods, Martyn’s now bring quality products to your door across the UK with our online tea and coffee shop

  • Wellington Coffee

    We are roasters, retailers and wholesalers of the finest hand-crafted coffees based in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. Our aim at Wellington Coffee is to help our customers explore the variety of coffees available from around the world. We uses two different size roasters – a 6kg and 1kg, allowing us to roast as little as 250g if required. This means that all our coffee is delivered as fresh as possible which is so important to the quality of the cup.

  • Wilkinson’s of Norwich

    Mr. Ronald Wilkinson of Norwich, England had a plan. Amidst the hullabaloo of the ‘modern world’ he saw something sadly lacking. That something was the good old fashion quality and service of British old world traders. The result was the 1972 grand opening of the finest shop for tea and coffee in East Anglia. The small building located on Magdalen Street in Norwich featured over 100 different teas and over 35 different of coffees. Wilkinson set himself and his shop apart by purchasing a small coffee roaster and roasting his worldwide selection of beans in small batches in the back of his shop. Today, Wilkinson’s exotic coffees are still roasted daily in small batches for freshness.

  • Winchester Coffee

    Speciality Coffee Roasters…..Barista training school in Winchester……Now working with some of the most dedicated Coffee establishments in Hampshire.

  • Wogan Coffee

    We’ve everything you need make wonderful coffee - from machines and servicing to barista training and anything in between! The Art of Great Coffee.

  • Workhouse Coffee &Co

    artisan coffee company hand roasting the most beautiful & exclusive coffees in the world

  • Workshop Coffee Co.

    Dedicated to sourcing, roasting and serving the best coffee possible.

  • YallahCoffee

    Great tasting, honest coffee.

  • York Coffee Emporium

    A boutique roasters and coffee consultancy based in historic York. Daily roasted coffee, loose teas and more! Order online. Tweet me with your coffee queries!